At the Westerway Raspberry Farm, we believe in reliably providing the freshest, best tasting berries possible to our many and varied customers.


From humble beginnings 15 years ago, we continue to grow our berry farm and supply customers across the country.


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Seasonal Jobs

During December and January, our farm can employ up to 150 seasonal employees, largely picking fruit.


Our employees come from a range of backgrounds. Many are local Derwent Valley residents, some are new Australians, while others are travellers from abroad. We have very basic camping facilities for those wishing to camp on the farm.


For specific farm roles, please see below for details.


For employment details, please phone 0447010701 in DECEMBER to enquire as to availability.





We have completed our hiring for the season and there are are no vacancies.

Employment forms


For new employees, please complete the following forms and bring them along on your first day.


- Tax File Declaration Form

- Induction Form

- Personal Information Form

- Casual Piece Wage Agreement



The default fund of the Westerway Raspberry Farm is Prime Super.


Before your first day of work please read the link below about driving to the farm.

- Safe driving